How do you hack dbz the legacy of Goku

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If ur playing with a Visual Gameboy (VBA) go google and type DBZ legacy of goku gameshark codes

and if ur playing with a DS use a action replay

What dbz season does Goku meet Goku jr?
he meets him in DBGT in the movie a hero's legacy

share: Why can't i find action replay codes for dbz legacy of goku 2?
The reason you cannot find action replay codes for DBZ Legacy of Goku 2 as they are not available. Action replay codes are only available for select games.

share: Is there going to be a legacy of Goku 3?
there is a 3rd part of it but it is named dbz buu fury

share: Dbz legacy of goku 2 codebreaker code for characters?
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share: Dbz legacy of Goku 2?
You can Download it from- website

share: What is the worst dragonball z game?
legacy of goku part 1, DBZ sagas, and taiketsu

share: Where can you find dragonball online games?
Go to google and type in "DBZ flash games" or "DBZ RPG" the RPG is like legacy of goku 1+2 where you can walk around and such....

share: How do you use super sayin goku in legacy of goku 1?
You can only be in Super Saiyan WHEN you are facing Freiza's final form at the end of "Legacy Of Goku 1", "Legacy of Goku 2" you can acess Super Saiyan At ALMOST anytime,also in "Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury" If you have ANY questions of Db Or DBZ Or DBGT please send me a E-Mail At

share: Who is stronger in dbz Goku or vageta?
goku is stronger then vegeta

share: How do you unlock hercule in dbz legacy of goku 2?
Well you have to get gohan, vegeta, trunks and piccolo to level 50, then go in there level 50 gates and find there trophies. If that doesn't work get goku to level 50 as well.

share: Is there an online Dragon Ball Z game i can play?
Yes...go to google and type in Dbz flash games or type in Dbz RPG game.. The RPG game is like legacy of goku 1+2 where you can walk around and such... website is a good online dbz rpg.

share: Who is the most popular character in dbz?
Vegeta or goku its character and its goku

share: Is there a legacy of Goku 4?
No, there is only Legacy of Goku 1, 2 and 3.

share: Dragon Ball Z free roaming game online?
Go to google and type in "DBZ RPG" its like legacy of goku 1+2 where you can walk around and such... website is a good online, free roaming dbz rpg.

share: In which series of DBZ goku changes into super saiyan 5?
Goku does not ever transform into super saiyan 5 in either DBZ or DBGT.

share: How many transforms does Goku have?
Goku can only transform up to ssj4 which is super sayian because that was his last transformation at the end of DBZ and DBZ GT.

share: Game Dragon Ball Z?
There are many games involving dbz... Dbz ultimate battle 22 -playstation 1 Dbz Shin bodakai - PSP Dbz shin bodakai another road - PSP Dbz bodakai - Gamecube, PS2, etc... Dbz bodakai 2 - Gamecube PS2, Etc... Dbz bodakai 3 - Gmaecube, PS2 Etc... Dbz Bodakai tenkaichi , PS2 Dbz bodakai tenkaichi 2, PS2 Dbz bodakai tenkaichi 3 - Wii Dbz sagas - Gamecube,Xbox, PS2 Dbz The legacy of Goku - Gameboy advance or sp... Read More

share: Who kills Goku?
in dbz.....piccolo and cell

share: Who is the strongest fighter of Anime?
Goku from DBZ

share: How did Goku died in DBZ GT?
Goku doesn't die, he leaves to train with Shenron.

share: Is piccalo stronger than Goku?
In Dragon ball and at the begining of DBZ they have almost dead even power levels (Piccolo= 320 Goku=322) but Goku become a lot stronger than Piccolo in DBZ.

share: In dbz buu's fury what does the key do?
It does nothing, it's a waste a gametime to figure out what the hell it does, too bad there was no extra boss like in Legacy of Goku 2. You would expect it to be with the key.

share: Is asura stronger than Goku?
Goku is the strongest character in DBZ as he's the main character.

share: What did Goku and bardock talk about?
Nothing, Bardock got killed by Frieza shortly after Goku was born in the DBZ series. However, in the PSP game DBZ another road. Bardock will met Goku again in the afterlife and talk with him about how impressed he was at how strong Goku got and stuff.

share: What episode does Goku have a baby?
the frist episode of DBZ

share: Who is Gohan in DBZ?
Gohan is the son of Chichi and Goku.

share: How do you get kid goku in dbz tenkiichi 1?
He's not in it.

share: Who is Akira Toriyama's hero?
goku form dbz

share: Which episode does Goku fuse with shenron?
goku merges with shenron in dbz gt episode 64. If you want to know how i knew go to google, and type in dbz gt episodes

share: How many masters did gohan have in DBZ?
Gohan had three masters in DBZ. And they were piccolo,Goku, and supreme kai. Althow in DBGT gohan's next master was vegeta after goku left earth

share: How do you get Goku pivot stick?
try droidz type in dbz and stickpacks you will get a whole bunch of different dbz stick

share: How do you get goku ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3?
u can not get gouk ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3 ...........

share: When did Goku fight turles?
in a dbz movie....the tree of might

share: Is anyone in dbz a full super saiyan?
goku of course

share: How do you unlock goku as a kid on dbz budokai 2?
he does not play in it

share: In dbz bt3 how to get kid Goku?
he starts in the game when you start

share: Who plays Goku in dbz?
in English he is played by Sean something.

share: Can goku in DBZ reach super saiyan 9?
obviously not!

share: What is son Goku hometown from dbz?
he originally from planet vegeta

share: How strong is goku and vegito in dbz at full power?
goku can destroy galaxys vegito can destroy the universe by blinking

share: What is the character move set in dbz tenkaichi 3?
Goku ssj4 or Kid Goku GT or kid Gohan

share: When and how Goku die?
Goku has died multiple times. The first time he died in DBZ was in the fight with his brother Raditz.

share: What is the name of the movie where goku vs brolly fights in?
DBZ movie 8 that's the first time Brolly fought Goku then DBZ movie 10 is when Brolly came back alive for revenge.

share: Is dbz af real?
dbz af is real they have made a game out of it and at the end of gt there was the first episode with goku jr

share: How old is goku in dragon ball dbz and gt?
In DragonBall Goku is ages 1-15 in DragonBall Z Goku is 20-45 in DragonBall gt Goku is 60-75.

share: Where are Dragon Ball Z in Dragon Ball Z legacy of Goku2?
There is a Gt movie called A Hero's Legacy and If you treasured this article and you also would like to get more info with regards to legacy of discord mod apk unlimited diamond i implore you to visit our own web-site. it is about Goku Jr., and Pan is alive and Goku shows and talks to Goku Jr.

share: How do you turn goku into ss2 in burst limit?
Goku cannot go Super Saiyan 2 in DBZ Burst limit

share: In the uncut epsiode of dbz in cell saga way did goku punched gohan in the mouth and stomach?
Ummm...Goku never did that.

share: Which dbz episode did goku eat vegeta shushi?
In the movie "Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return," at the very end.

share: Where can you buy dragon-ball z legacy of goku 3?
There is never going to be a Dragon-Ball z legacy of Goku 3 but there is Dragon-Ball Z Buu's Fury which is basically what happens after Dragon-Ball z legacy of Goku 2.

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