How do you get 6000 imvu credits signing up

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share: What is an easy way to earn IMVU credits?
The only way i know of is playing with pets and doing surveys I managed to get a good amount of free imvu credits from this website:

share: How do you change imvu credits to promo credits?
Unfortunately, as of right now this is just not possible on IMVU! Maybe in the future they will allow you to do this, but for now credits and promo credits are two separate kind of credits that can not be mixed or exchanged for each other.

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share: Can you give people money on IMVU?
Yeah, only if the credits are real credits and not promo. You go to the IMVU site, go to credits, then give credits, then type in your password, how much you wanna give to someone, and their username.

'Benji,' Ricky Gervais and a bunch of movies to watch this weekend
Your browser does not support the audio element. For more information on what's available to watch online, check out**or subscribe to the podcast -- it's free! And go to**to see what else is out in the world of streaming.

share: How do you get promo credits?
To gain promo credits for your yahoo avatar you should invite all of the people on your contact list from your email to be your friend and you can gain some promo credits. That's what I did Or you could just buy them 5,000 credits are $0.99 20,000 credits are $19.95 30,000 credits are $29.95 Or you could type how many you want in a little box and it'll tell you how much it... Read More

share: Where do you type the money cheat code at on your imvu?
There's no such thing as a money cheat for IMVU, only hacks. While hacks can seem so great, you have a chance of catching a nasty virus, getting your password stolen, or simply get banned from IMVU (hurrah).

share: Do you have to pay money for Habbo hotel?
Hello! Habbo Hotel is a virtual world where you can make your own rooms, make your own avatar and meet new friends (and more!). Signing up to Habbo Hotel is completely free! Furnishing your rooms costs money. You need 'Credits' to buy furniture for your rooms. To buy credits you need to SMS Habbo to 199 42226 This costs $3. One SMS gives you 12 Credits (12c). Phone call is another method to get credits... Read More

share: Cheat codes to get credits on imvu?
well..... the imvu engineer specifically designed it so there is no FREE FREE or maybe you could save up credits. what i did was invite a bunch of different addresses i owned but that got REALLY OLD. the only thing i can suggest is you download all those stuff you can for credits then wait for a few days and get rid of them.... i strongly advise you not to do the cell phone free... Read More

share: How do you join imvu vip with your phone?
Easy first open your imvu 3D and then your download will come up and it would say buy credits click on that and then it would say at the bottam buy with phone and then vip will come up for 10 pounds

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share: Why can't you buy with your promo credits?
I think there might be a slight typo in the title but I'm going to answer both possible questions. 'Why can't you buy with your promo credits?' Well, I don't really know. You can buy with your promo credits you just can't give promo credits. 'What can't you buy with your promo credits?' Well, you can buy anything in the catalog

share: How can you verify your email address on imvu?
To verify your email on an IMVU account you must click on a link sent to the email address you used when originally signing up. This link automatically verifies the email account and you may start using all of the features on IMVU.

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share: Is IMVU free?
Yes. Upon joining, you will receive 1000 promotional credits that you could use to buy your avatar some clothing. If you want to buy imvu credits, I would recommend finding a reseller, they are approved by imvu and sell credits at half the price that imvu does. E.g.Evil credits, DevCredits or cassiopeian

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